The structure of the research project


There is a set structure to the research project and the examiners are expecting it to be written like this. Try to keep to this structure and remember to read the ‘improving your grade‘ page for more tips and advice on getting the best coursework grade.

Concise describing the research. E.g. An experiment to test the effect of A on B; or A correlation between A and B

Concise summary of the research including, but not limited to: previous research; aim; design; sample; results; conclusions.

Previous Research

Aim & Hypotheses
Clearly state the aim, hypothesis and null hypothesis of the research. Ensure that the hypotheses are fully operationalised.

Include apparatus, sample, design, procedure, ethics and variables. Importantly – could it be replicated?

Results section is for displaying the data collected and analysis of results – there should be no evaluation or commentary on why/how/problems with research (this comes in the discussion).

  • Descriptive Statistics: Table and/or chart to show summary of findings with brief commentary.
  • Inferential Statistics: Use of inferential statistic and justification for using that test. Show results of stats test but not working or raw data. Statement of conclusion: As ___ is larger/smaller than the critical value it is (not)possible to reject the null hypothesis which stated …

Statement of findings & suggestions as to why? Evaluation of research and methodology. Future research (What would I do differently? What else could I study? Have I identified an erroneous variable that could be of interest?)

Full references not just a bibliography. Also ensure that you reference statistical test (text with critical values) and any other resources the project refers to.

Check references against the text of the report and make sure that anything referenced in the report is in the appendices. Raw data; stats test print outs; debriefing; questionnaires etc …

Mark Breakdown
You can get a maximum of 40 marks for the research project and it’s broken down like this:

  • Abstract 2
  • Background 5
  • Aim/Hypothesis 3
  • Methodology 8
  • Results 8
  • Discussion 10
  • Presentation and Communication 4

If you want more details on what you get the marks for then you can look at the official mark scheme.

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