May the source be with you …

  • Within the last 24 months – better to be within last 12.
  • Not too long – try to keep under 2 sides of A4 – the examiners have to read this too!
  • Include the full article, not just a relevant part.
  • Each candidate should have a separate article (within teaching groups).
  • Include the article with the coursework when sending off.
  • Highlight the relevant parts with a pen or highlighter to identify where the issues have come from.

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  1. Esther March 11, 2009 at 6:02 pm #

    I keep finding articles but no psychology studies to link it to. It’s really frustrating now cuz i’ve been trying for a long time now. please help it’s due in less than 4 weeks n i have not finished the other one.

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