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Careers in Psychology

You might be at the beginning of your career in psychology studying for A Levels or a BSc in Psychology, or wanting to take a new direction and enter the world of psychology but there are many routes into the different areas you may want to move into. In this post you will find information […]

Psychologists on Twitter

The twitter world is full of interesting people you might want to follow if you have an interest in psychology. Below is a list of a few that you may want to follow. If you want to be added to the list or you think there is someone we have missed off or you find […]

Glyndwr University’s Distance Learning MSc in Teaching of Psychology

A new, and unique, oportunity to study a MSc Teaching of Psychology. The course will be delivered primarily through e-learning combined with an optional two-day residential workshop on selected modules. This programme provides excellent CPD for practising teachers of post-16 Psychology who wish to obtain a Masters level qualification to maximise progression through the teaching profession. […]

Mind Changers: Psychology During the 20th Century

Mind Changers is a recent series exploring the development of the science of psychology during the 20th century. More information available from the BBC Radio 4 website. Four excellent episodes for you to listen to. Enjoy. The Pseudo-Patient Study Claudia Hammond revisits David Rosenhan’s Pseudo-Patient Study The Hawthorne Effect The 1920s experiment in a Chicago […]

This week on Twitter (2009-05-17)

Can you find the 12 faces? I only count 11 # Tuesday BBC1 9.00 10 Things You Need to Know About Sleep # Tuesday BBC2 also 9.00 Horizon: How Violent Are You? # Man flu – it really does exist! # The Internet Helps Teenagers with Social Relationships #

The BBC Prison Study

Did you struggle teaching the BBC Prison Study? I did and was annoyed at myself because I knew it was a good addition to the core studies and I believed that my enthusiasm for this new study, and in particular Reicher and Haslam’s critique of the flawed Stanford Prison Experiment, would reach my students. However, […]