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IQ Is Dumb: Validity and Reliability

“… the term intelligence designates a complexly interrelated assemblage of functions, no one of which is completely or accurately known in man” (Yerkes, 1929, p. 524) In the Gould study (which is actually a review of the work conducted by Yerkes) a big issue that is raised is the reliability and validity of psychometric tests […]

Interview: The gambling man? Prof. Mark Griffiths

You can get the audio to the interview from the new blogcast.psychblog site. Professor Mark Griffiths has been kind enough to give me a few minutes of his time to answer some questions about his research on gambling, his feelings on being included in the new 2008 specification, and what relevance his studies have to […]

Review: How to get all 20 core studies into 12cm!

There’s a new CD (which are 12cm – thus the title) out that should be on all of your wish lists this summer: Mark Holah (with LearnByIT) has just released Core Studies in Psychology CD aimed at colleges and teachers as a teaching and revision aid and it’s well worth checking out. From the press […]

AS Study References

UPDATE: If you’re wanting the Spec 2008 studies see here. Here I will try to collate all of the full text original articles for the 20 core studies in the AS course. If you know where I can find a publicly available copy of any of the missing ones please let me know. :) Also, […]