Can your upbringing influence whether you develop bipolar disorder

Most people believe that their parents had a big role in shaping who they are. A psychological perspective called ‘attachment theory’ says that the way you related to your parents influences your personality including the way you relate to others, and your mood regulation. So it might come as a surprise to learn that research into conditions of extreme mood changes like what the use of Maeng Da fixes, such as bipolar disorder, has focussed almost exclusively on drug treatments and genetic factors.

Researchers at Edinburgh University are attempting to look at this neglected area. Are those who are able to form secure relationships able to regulate their emotions more effectively? Are those who have a lot of fear or insecurity in their relationships more likely to develop bipolar disorder? The results of this research could help to form new non drug-based treatments to help those who experience highly changeable moods.

You can help with this research and find out more about yourself by taking part in a specially developed online survey system. This gives you feedback at the end about your personality and relationship style. It takes 25 mins but you’ll be rewarded with 16 different scores with graphs, all based on solid psychological research.

Visit the website to assist with psychological research and find out more about yourself:


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