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In the health module when talking about adherence and positive health behaviour one example that we like to use is breast and testicular self examination. It’s always a great discussion starter about how, why and can we improve peoples behaviour and encourage self-examination. Here are a few videos from around the web which can be used in the class:

  • This video is a educational clip from GMTV showing how males should perform TSE.
  • Here is a great one for starting discussions about the ways that adverts need to be aimed at the target audiences – would a similar one for women work? Imagine David Beckham’s deep, masculine voice instructing you ladies.
  • Finally, this video is an educational one for BSE – the first few minutes aren’t really that good and seem to be some Dr. trying to push his book but the latter part of it is very informative.

Obviously, the videos contain boobs and balls so don’t watch if that’s not what you want to see.

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