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I misremember it well: Why older adults are unreliable eyewitnesses

We look at eye witness testimony in the first year looking at Loftus and Palmer and investigate the reliability of witnesses and what can effect witness recall in the Crime module of the second year. Many studies have investigated the reliability of children as witnesses and this is even a sub-topic in the course; however, […]

Milgram meet the 21st Century: Virtual Obedience?

The massive ethical issues surrounding Milgram’s study of obedience have always made it difficult to replicate it in a psychological setting (although this hasn’t stopped TV companies jumping on the concept). Recently in the UK a group of psychologists at UCL have worked around this problem using virtual reality. Each of the 23 participants wore […]

The difficult first post …

Welcome to a ‘new-kid-on-the-blog’ so to speak. Here I will be collating and commenting on recent research in psychology which is relevant to teaching and studying for the OCR A Level Psychology course (alongside general rants and musings). Over the next few days I will be posting quite a few articles that I have […]