Another Autism Research Carnival


With so much research being conducted on autism at the moment I could write a new post each day on what’s going on (but there’s excellent blogs out there that are doing this already). So, based on the last ‘Autism Research Carnival‘ I thought that I’d update you and let you know what’s going on now and the new developments in this field.

Autistic children could learn through stereotypes
Autistic children have a capacity to understand other people through stereotypes, say scientists at UCL (University College London). The research shows that autistic children are just as able as others to predict people’s behaviour when stereotypes, such as gender and race, are the only available guide.

Autism and Denial
Stories about those celebrities who deny they have autism and discussion on how they could forward the awareness cause.

Gene Mutation Linked to Risk of Autism
A new study from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee found that a mutation of the portion of the MET gene that governs the production of its protein was associated with the risk of autism.

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  1. mcewen July 26, 2007 at 1:30 pm #

    There’s a carnival going on! My radar must be off.

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