Get the best out of PsychBLOG

As a teacher you might be wondering how to use PsychBLOG in the classroom or with your students.  As the site is getting bigger with each post it can be quite daunting and leave you thinking where can I start?! 

Here are a few ideas to get your students reading PsychBLOG:

Extra Reading
Get your students to come along to PsychBLOG and read something extra about one of the core studies. You can easily get to each study by going to ( and get all my writing on that specific study.

Get yourself published: write for PsychBLOG
I’m now accepting guest posts from anyone who would like to have an article published on PsychBLOG. You could write one yourself or even get your students to work together on articles. If you’re interesting in writing for PsychBLOG then see the prospective authors guide

Watch a Video
There’s loads of video clips (and even longer length videos) about loads of different areas of psychology. You could set your students to pop over to PsychBLOG and watch the video before a class and then have discussions, assessments or debates on it.  See all our video posts here.

Subscribe: never miss a post!
Don’t forget that you can subscribe to this site via email or RSS feed (what’s an RSS feed?) and every time there’s a new post on the site you’ll get it sent out that day.  You’ll never miss a post again.

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