A Century of Posts!


Well, I’ve sat here for the last few days racking my mind as to what ‘special’ thing I could do for the 100th post here on PsychBLOG. I remember writing the first tentative post back in April when the site looked very empty – it’s bad enough looking at an empty page, but an empty blog is even more daunting. While looking for a picture for this post I realised what I was going to do …

… thank you!

As I write this I’ve had over 30,000 hits, I’ve been featured on many other blogs, we’ve launched a new site, interviewed a professor, seen Zimbardo get the boot from the OCR specifications, the site’s had a face lift, written a section specifically for coursework, and you’ve listened patiently as I ranted on about psychology in relation to OCR (and some not-so-related to OCR).

And there’s still more to come, more writing, more from Jamie’s mind, and more on the most recent happenings in psychology. Here’s a taster:

  • More on morality and choice;
  • Confessions of a serial killer;
  • What sort of person volunteers for a prison experiment?
  • Internet addiction;
  • Ordinary People – Unspeakable Acts;
  • Field Sense: the sixth sense on the sports field?
  • Parental Influence: Is it really their fault?

So, thanks for reading and supporting the site; do stick around for more. And a special thanks go out to those people that have supported the site and linked back: Mark, Gareth, Debs, Christian, and many-many-more. If you’re new to the site, remember that you can subscribe to PsychBLOG through a news reader or you can even have it delivered to your inbox (hot off the press if you like).

I’m off for a drink … to the next 100 posts.

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2 Responses to “A Century of Posts!”

  1. Robert October 30, 2007 at 1:38 am #

    Happy 100th post! Ive got a long way to go myself… but eventually!

  2. Jamie October 30, 2007 at 7:59 am #

    Thanks Robert. Your site’s coming along nicely too :)

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