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INSET: Psychology and the Web

Harnessing the power of the web for Psychology Teachers Course leaders Jamie Davies (PsychBLOG) and Mark Holah ( Thursday 6th November 2008, 10am-4pm. Regus Centre, London. Click here for Course Flyer and Booking Details Jamie Davies along with Mark Holah and Cara Flanagan we will be giving a hands-on guided tour of wikis, forums, file […]

Zimbardo Conference with SWC

Zimbardo has been quite a popular character here on PsychBLOG over the last 6 months: he’s released a book (which was reviewed by Phil Banyard), he’s been dropped from the specs and when I get around to finishing the mammoth article there’s a ‘what kind of person volunteers for a prison experiment’ post. After all […]

The weirdest people in the world?

Psychologists are routinely publishing board claims about human behaviour that are based on biased and ethnocentric samples. Many of these samples are based on WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industralised, Rich and Democratic) societies and the conclusions assume that there is little variation across human populations and that the conclusions from social science research can be generalised […]

Talk about Tyranny

The addition of the new Reicher & Haslam study to the course has introduced to many a long-argued debate surrounding Zimbardo’s original Stanford Prison Experiment; calling into question his conclusions and situational explanation for the behaviour that was seen.   Reicher & Haslam argue against this in their 2006 research from the BBC’s The Experiment (and they […]

Zimbardo Speaks

Even though Zimbardo is not going to be part of the specs next year he will be an important part of the background of the R&H study so he still wont be far from our thoughts! Even thought his study can (and does) come under massive criticism for ethics and methodological problems (cough… Zimbardo told […]